After closing hours on October 4th, the AGO debuted their newest series: 1st Thursdays. These events celebrate the bringing together of art and music amidst the enjoyment of food, drink, and an atmosphere inspired by artistic creativity.

The first musical guest was none other than the dreamiest man alive, Afie Jurvanen, a.k.a. Bahamas. My ten dollar ticket to this sold out event was well worth every penny. Not only did I witness Bahamas in an intimate musical performance, but I did so sipping on white wine and enjoying gourmet hors d’oeuvres. Ticket holders had access to freely roam the galleries, and were even offered free nude drawing classes! The crowd buzzed with hundreds of put-together creative types meeting and greeting. I was mischievously content strolling around the exhibits, drunkenly people watching and bantering about art history.

Bahamas performance was set on a small stage in the centre of Walker Court, illuminated with spotlights. He began on acoustic guitar that was miked rather than plugged in. Poor choice, as it was difficult to hear him clearly. After a few songs he switched to his familiar electric tone, which projected slightly better. Everyone in the audience swooned at his coy demeanour, and murmured shouts of sexual propositions echoed throughout the room. Bahamas played most songs off his album “Pink Strat” showcasing his lead guitar abilities by filling out the songs with with impressive licks and broody solos. The set was just shy of an hour, leaving the audience wanting more.
The debut 1st Thursday was a big success. The AGO was able to combine art, food and music in a beautiful and exciting way.

Next month musical guest DIANA will take the stage in collaboration with artist Laurie Kang. Should be an interesting performance! Check the AGO site for more information here.


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