Button up: Tradlands
Jeans: R13 Denim

We weren’t born in the big city, but that’s where that post-university-soul-search led us. We’re 20-something’s, grinding through our days, hard-hustling for survival in this metropolitan rat race. Weeks go by, and we get worn down. I’m so glad you connect to nature like I do. We both need fresh air and starry nights to gather some perspective. A cabin retreat in the woods is our blissful hideaway. We feel relief, with no internet connection or cell phone reception. We unplug from the world and tune into each other. Here, with no sounds of the city, I can hear you out. Here, with no where else to be, we can give each other what we need. When every moment is ours create, we find ourselves losing track of time. Until we meet again, my cabin-mate.


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