NOMA || Say Hello to You

When my good friend Ashley Mauerhofer told me she was filming a promotional video for her OCADU thesis project, I jumped at the opportunity to be in front of the camera. Her app, NOMA, helps you navigate through your city to discover new places and spaces. It allows you to keep an interactive journal of your experiences, which eventually gets mailed to you in a hard copy. How cool is that!? The video ended up looking like a pretty typical day in my life! The park, coffee, friends… it’s all real folks. The one day shoot was my first little taste of acting, and I loved every second!

The video also features my pal Cody Turner, who just launched his new website – and it’s stellar.

Cheers to cool friends doing cool things!


HelloSidney Photo Shoot

I sort of figured once I turned twenty-five that the modelling gigs would dry up. I’m over the hill! My youthful good looks are fading! But that’s merely an over-dramatization for comedic effect. Lucky for me, the folks behind HelloSidney, the cute Etsy shop full of stylish vintage things, swooped in to restore my full-blown vanity. Take a look at me swishing around in skirts, jutting out my hips in skin-tight dresses, and slyly bearing some midriff in the photos below!


Check out their online shop for all the looks (there’s a lot of them) !


Vintage Bicycle Show

My latest modelling shoot was for a Vintage Bicycle show. I was styled by Netty Vintage, and photographed by Paul Smith at Photohouse. My friends refer to these photos as me dressing up in drag, which I feel is mostly accurate! Presenting myself this way is most definitely out of my element, but that’s what modelling is all about! Purely being a canvas for hair, makeup, style, and photography artists to show their talents. Embodying the character I’m representing, and popping those hips like I was born to wear heels. Enjoy! Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 4.19.19 PM 980238_535254506511398_1422904713_o 1040432_535254539844728_218857992_o