HelloSidney Photo Shoot

I sort of figured once I turned twenty-five that the modelling gigs would dry up. I’m over the hill! My youthful good looks are fading! But that’s merely an over-dramatization for comedic effect. Lucky for me, the folks behind HelloSidney, the cute Etsy shop full of stylish vintage things, swooped in to restore my full-blown vanity. Take a look at me swishing around in skirts, jutting out my hips in skin-tight dresses, and slyly bearing some midriff in the photos below!


Check out their online shop for all the looks (there’s a lot of them) !


Vintage Bicycle Show

My latest modelling shoot was for a Vintage Bicycle show. I was styled by Netty Vintage, and photographed by Paul Smith at Photohouse. My friends refer to these photos as me dressing up in drag, which I feel is mostly accurate! Presenting myself this way is most definitely out of my element, but that’s what modelling is all about! Purely being a canvas for hair, makeup, style, and photography artists to show their talents. Embodying the character I’m representing, and popping those hips like I was born to wear heels. Enjoy! Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 4.19.19 PM 980238_535254506511398_1422904713_o 1040432_535254539844728_218857992_o