Ontarion Review

The Ontarion wrote a review on our debut Guelph show with the Rival Boys:

“Following them was the debut of There There Indigo, a two piece featuring singer/guitarist Josh Doerksen and drummer Julia Stead. The pair had been hard at work leading up to this appearance.

“Julia and I have been dying to play,” Doerksen said.

In the crowd was a kind of who’s-who of Guelph’s indie scene, including members of local favourites Your Neck of the Woods and the Humanzees, and even the music trivia host from Jimmy Jazz. Drummer Stead (actually the former drummer for Your Neck of the Woods) is a very present part of Guelph music, and for good reason – she’s an absolute powerhouse on the drum set.

Doerksen’s ornately melancholic song work was accentuated both by Stead’s expert backing but also by the use of a second microphone with spacey reverb applied to it, creating an atmospheric third dimension to the sound. Doerksen’s commanding versatility in both vocals and guitar-work paired with Stead’s equally versatile and exceptional drumming created a sound that was much larger than anyone would expect a two-piece band to create. The experience was completely unique and continually captivating. I look forward to seeing this band again and again in the future, and for everyone else to get a chance to see it for themselves.”


See the full article here.


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